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A Family, Loving, Caring, and Sharing God's Word
Who We Are
Hi, thank you for visiting our web site. I would like to give you a personal invitation to come and visit us at Snow Hill. You will find that we are among the friendliest people in Mitchell County and that we love you and care about you. The family at Snow Hill would love the opportunity to get to know you and your family. We are the family of God at Snow Hill who through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are on a journey to heaven. We are a people of God bearing the precious seed of the Gospel and planting it in our community. We are an imperfect people who serve a perfect Savior. It is our relationship with Jesus Christ which gives us help for today and hope for tomorrow.
When you visit us you will be welcomed by a loving people. You may participate in a Bible study class that will help you understand God’s Word. We have wonderful teachers for men, women, young adults, teens, and children classes. We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired, inerrant, and infallible word and final authority on how we should live the Christian life. Your children will enjoy a Sunday school class that is developed just for them. They will sing songs, make a craft, and learn a bible lesson using puppets, drama, or instruction. During our worship time you can expect to sing songs that praise the Lord, have a time of prayer and dedication to the Lord, and hear a message from the Bible that will encourage you and challenge you. Our worship service is not formal in the sense we want to be led by the Holy Spirit and worship God in Spirit and in truth; we do respect an order of service that helps us focus on why we are meeting. We try to equip every church member to be an evangelist and a servant according to their spiritual gift in our church and community. Again thank you for taking the opportunity to learn who we are and we hope to see you soon at Snow Hill. 

Our History
Many times newly formed churches are a result of a conflict or confusion within another church.  However this was not the case with Snow Hill Baptist Church.  Our church was formed as a result of necessity.  

During the time of  travel by horse and buggy, or by walking, travel was sometimes very difficult.  The people in our local community attended church in adjoining communities and were interested in seeing a Baptist Church established in the Snow Hill community.

On the 19th day of  June, 1915, as recorded in the original church records, "the Baptists met at Oak Grove for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church".

After electing Anderson Sparks as Moderator and D.W. Greene as Secretary, the Articles of Faith were read by J.A. Gouge.  These Articles of Faith are what Snow Hill Baptist Church was founded upon.  "All members then entered into a Covenant and Brother Sparks gave a lecture on the duties of the Church".

It was decided the church would be called Snow Hill.  Sam Blalock, J.L. Buchanan and William Ledford were elected as Deacons, awaiting ordination.  J.A. Gouge was then elected as Pastor and W.D. Wilson was elected as Clerk.

The first member of Snow Hill Baptist Church was Isabella Sparks who came by letter from Bear Creek Baptist Church.

Also joining by letter from Bear Creek Baptist Church were: J.C. Blalock, Susan C. Blalock, S.J. Blalock, Dovie Blalock, Ella Mae Willis, Stokes Wilson, Lucinda Wilson, George Buchanan, Celia Buchanan, and J.L. Buchanan. 

Coming for membership from White Oak Church were S.L. Wilson, John P. Wilson, Jane Wilson, Zeb Wilson, Lina Wilson, Florence Wilson, W.D. Wilson, Alfonzo Wilson, Beatrice Wilson, Bertie Ellis, Betty Turbyfill, Cleta Ledford and Cora Wilson. 

The first Pastor of Snow Hill was Rev. J.A. Gouge who served 17 years in that capacity.  The pastors who followed in successive order were Rev. Charles McKinney, Rev. Roy Campbell, Rev. G.H. Glass, Rev. C.A. Buchanan, Rev. W.B. Buchanan, Rev. J.H. Henline, Rev. Ernest Canipe, Rev. Joe Slagle, Rev. Jeff Willis, Rev. P.H. McMahan, Rev. Robert Seatz, Rev. Howard Buchanan, Rev. George Gouge, Rev. Howard Buchanan, Rev. Harold Grindstaff, Rev. Gerald Grindstaff, Rev. Charlie Harward, Rev. Gerald Grindstaff and our current Pastor, Rev. Dean Honeycutt.

Snow Hill has been blessed throughout the years to be led and served by so many wonderful men of God. 

Harold Grindstaff was our first full-time Pastor.  Our longest serving Pastor was Rev. Gerald Grindstaff who so faithfully served the church for a total of 35 years.

Our church has produced ministers, missionaries, and many other God-fearing faithful servants during its almost 103 years. 

There exists within our Church the devotion to, and love for God, as well as our love for each other, the community, and mankind which stands as a lasting tribute to our founding fathers.  Churches very often acquire a "reputation" within their community, and Snow Hill has acquired the reputation of being a loving Church and one without conflict, confusion or disagreement.  We are very proud to have acquired such a reputation.

Today we continue to grow, not only in membership, but in our love for God, our fellow man, and our service to each.

If you do not have a Church home, our doors and hearts are open to you.  Come join us as we grow, learn, and continue to carry out God's commands!